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Master Key
Hello Team...As more and more newbies coming into crypto are falling victim to wallet drainers that change their stake / withdraw authority of their staked SOL accounts...we need to somehow adapt to help protect the community or it will never be able to be mass-adopted as we all want. Would it be possible to add a "Master Signing Key" that becomes the stake/withdraw authority when a phantom wallet is created...therby needing a separate signing key (and separate password) to make changes to sensitive account actions such as changing the staker authority or withdraw authority of a stake account? When a transaction requiring the new Master Key were triggered...there could be a very noticeable and ominous warning message displayed that may save some users their life savings that they assume is safely stored in a stake account. Then the standard transactions could continue to happen with a single signer, but if a wallet drainer is trying to change more sensitive account owner information, they are prompted with a warning and password request to elevate the transaction authority to the master key? Here are the links to two transactions signed by a community member that unknowingly changed the staker and withdrawer on his stake account because he thought he was claiming an airdrop. Of course, education needs to come too...but if the tools available to him told him that this is an unsafe action that could change the account owner... "enter master signing key to proceed"...he might have had a moment to cancel think and cancel the transaction. https://solana.fm/tx/66Jw3ny7p9iFsY9rJ8AreGnYaETLzqwmFNkgiABTFdEz9YiWdd1NPYXcorKPTMDjjbuXZBuzhi5sAdWWMZwds3E4 https://solana.fm/tx/5T3dpA4SwfvqJJv2sEA27tGRMoqdaHwofPkA9epvWY9VwKAhPyq9K5SLnyn718DTc5MXfgiPuwwcVVSjRD8Dj1ds This request might take a bit to implement, but if we want the crypto space to be the paradigm shift we all hope for...this could be one thing that helps the users come en masse!
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